Adult Day Program

Trinity Development Centers is licensed by the Department of Social Services, Community Care Licensing, Title 22. Vendorization is provided by the Department of Developmental Services through Central Valley Regional Center, Title 17. Trinity Development Centers program operates in compliance pursuant to the Health and Safety Code Sections 1500 et seq., and with all rules, standards and regulations set forth in Title 22 and Title 17 as an Adult Day Program.

Trinity Development Centers is a center based program tailored to assist individuals with developmental disabilities and mental illness succeed in the community, a school and employment setting; providing them with a normal, healthful and stabilized surrounding; by implementing supportive training in and outside of the Center and supervision to each consumer to develop their physical, intellectual, social and emotional capabilities.

Daily opportunities are provided to each individual, allowing them to successfully develop and acquire independence in caring for their personal needs, basic education, post secondary opportunities, vocational education and training, internships, employment placement with continued support, nutritional healthful habit training, and giving back to the community. Trinity Development Centers develops educational and vocational training tailored to the participant. We promote positive socialization utilize community resources, participate in a variety of integrated age appropriate community activities, will aide in developing and maintaining socially acceptable behaviors. As well as promoting the most productive educational program employment or social activities for each individual according to their abilities and ambition.

Mission Statement
Promoting a well rounded life; mind, body & spirit.

It is the duty of Trinity Development Centers to provide all necessary components in order to give individuals with developmental disabilities the edge needed to promote a higher quality of life, normalization, education, long term regular employment and a sense of belonging to the community. Offering services designed to advance the potential of individuals with developmental disabilities; and to promote awareness and gain acceptance in the Community to all individuals with developmental disabilities. Bridging the gap between the “two worlds.”

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