About Us

Trinity Development Center was founded as a Non-Profit Corporation in 2009 with a vision and goal of educating and equipping individuals with Developmental Disabilities with the tools they need to aid in their stability and advancement in Society; along with bringing unity, strength and creating a positive environment in our community.

All of our programs are strategically developed and designed to enhance and empower all individuals in the communities we serve. We are optimistic about having the opportunity to touch and change one person, one family member at a time, encouraging and equipping them with the strength needed to pass on their newly, positive:

  1. look at life,
  2. way of living life,
  3. discovered knowledge and skills.

Trinity Development Center’s beliefs are to invest in, build up and give back to the Community. Trinity Development Center’s intent is to build a strong lasting relationship with the community to assist in equipping people with the tools they need to overcome the economic hardships that have taken place in the recent years.

Mission Statement

Vision ~ Plan ~ Take Action Reach ~ Grab
Embrace Strengthen Maintain

Trinity Development Center duty is to be a Visionary component in revitalizing communities; uniting all people no matter their ethnicity, economic background or social-mental capacity and abilities or lack thereof.  We will carefully plan and take necessary action to provide support to those who are in need and willing to accept our assistance.   Trinity Development Center will encourage all members of our communities to take a positive, active and lifelong role to help each other out through a variety of means.